Mr Hayday is an anthropomorphic dog.


Mr Hayday is a wealthy man who lives alone in a mansion in Mouseton. In 1961, feeling rather lonely in his big house, Hayday took up Goofy's offer of being a "chum for hire", but soon realized that Goofy was far from the best company for a refined man like him. After a few hours, Hayday paid Goofy for a day's work and threw him out.

Goofy felt guilty about getting paid for 24 hours of 'work' when he'd only done three, and forcibly returned against Hayday's wishes. This was actually fortunate for Hayday, whose mansion was being robbed; Goofy's blundering interrupted the thief and landed him in jail. Hayday rewarded Goofy's unwitting heroics with 200 dollars, which Goofy unfortunately took as an invitation to come back for 200 dollars' worth of days at 50 cents a day…

Behind the scenesEdit

Mr Hayday was created in 1961 by Vic Lockman in the story This Chum For Hire.

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