Mr Noble is a male dognose.


Noble was a troop leader for the Junior Woodchucks in 1964, serving as Great O.G.U.F.O.O.L. (Omnipotent Giver of Unimpeachably Full-bodied Observations on Omniscient Logic), known for his common sense and self-control. During the Lunar Gold Rush of 1964, Noble momentarily lost his mind with gold fever, striking a partnership with dubious character Dan McShrew to get to the Moon. Noble was returned to his senses after he was rescued by Scrooge McDuck and nephews from McShrew's attempt to murder him. He returned to Earth extremely rich, and devoted his fortune to doing good everywhere he could — including among the Junior Woodchucks, earning him the new rank of M.A.S.L.L.B.P.C.M., or "Mighty Admirable Sachem of the Long Limousine and Benevolent Payer of the Clubhouse Mortgage".

Behind the scenesEdit

Mr. Noble first appeared in the 1964 story The Loony Lunar Gold Rush.

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