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Mr Octopus[1] is a male anthropomorphic octopus.


An anthropomorphic octopus living at the bottom of the Neverseas, Mr Octopus spends most of his time playing checkers against himself. He is a long-time friend of Fiddler Crab. Mr Octopus was the owner of a set of eight mittens, which was one of his most prized possessions; however, at some point before 1953, he made the mistake of borrowing from literal loan shark Solly, and, when he couldn't pay up in time, Solly took the mittens as payment. In 1953, Mr Octopus met naive merbaby Bubbles who somehow managed to defang Solly, leading to his mittens being returned to him.

Bheind the scenes

Mr Octopus was only ever seen in the 1953 story Bubbles, the Water Baby.

Notes and References

  1. That is the name Bubbles calls him by when first meeting him; it is unlikely to be his actual name.
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