Mr Ratford is an anthropomorphic rat.


The eldest and fattest of the two “Ratford Bros.”, Mr Ratford is a sleazy, immoral construction manager. He delights in being needlessly sadistic to his employees and is also quite the bully to his younger brother Ernest (not that he is any more morally admirable than Ratford himself, mind). In 2000, Ratford heard Donald Duck and Ferdinand Blackduck discussing a "lost treasure" they were seeking out, and threw everything into following them. After revealing his true criminal intentions, Ratford and Ernest were left unarmed, treasure-less and stranded in the middle of the ocean on a floating wooden trunk.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mr Ratford was only ever seen in the 2000 story The Last of the Blackducks.

Ratford bears a strong resemblance in face, body shape and expressions to Professor Ratigan, though, of course, Ratigan is rodent-sized whereas Ratford is human-sized. 

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