Mr Shingle is a man of unknown species, though he might be an anthropomorphic dog


Mr Shingle seems to either be the owner or an employee of a lumber company. At some point in time, the lumber company in question loaned lumber and barbed wire to Marcus Mouse. In 1930, Mr Shingle sent Tom to collect payment from Marcus on the loan. It is a possibility that Mr Shingle is the same individual as the anthropomorphic dog who owns a lumber yard that was once raided by barnyard friends of Mickey Mouse.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mr Shingle was first mentioned in a panel of Mr Slicker and the Egg Robbers. The strip in which he was mentioned was originally released on November the 1st, 1930. While this is his only confirmed "appearance", he may have actually made an appearance in an earlier installment of Mr Slicker and the Egg Robbers. In the strip from the story initially released on September the 25th, 1930, an anthropomorphic dog appeared and complained to Mickey Mouse about lath and bricks having been stolen from his lumber yard by a non-anthropomorphic goat and pig that were helping Mickey out in his building of Mickey Mouse's Miniature Golf. Mr Shingle and the unnamed dog both have in common a connection to lumber and a presumed close proximity to Mouseton, though it is unknown if the two characters were actually intended to be the same.

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