Mr Van Astorbilt is a male dognose.

Description Edit

Friendly Mr Van Astorbilt and his wife are extremely rich Duckburgers of refined tastes. As a result, when trying to climb up the social ladder in 1948, Donald Duck invited them both to his garden party, unaware that his girlfriend and nephews (believing themselves to be be monkeys because of Hypnotic Spectacles) would crash the party. After a bowl of chocolate cream was thrown at Mrs Van Astorbilt's face, the two fled.

Behind the scenes Edit

Mr Van Astorbilt (unlike his wife) only ever personally appeared in the 1948 story Going Ape. "The Astorbilts" collectively are, however, also mentioned in Carl Barks's The Snowman Contest (written in 1955), and, later, in Don Rosa's Fit To Be Pied.

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