Mr Wattley is an anthropomorphic dog.


Mr Wattley is a kind and friendly dog who presumably lives in Mouseton. He is friends with and seems to have something of a slightly flirtatious relationship with Miss Van Pork. In 1930, he played a game of miniature golf with her at Mickey Mouse's Miniature Golf, her first game. While playing, the two saw each other's underwear, which had been stolen for use in the miniature golf course, much to their mutual embarrassment.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mr Wattley first appeared in a strip of Mr Slicker and the Egg Robbers originally released on September the 30th, 1930.

He is very similar in appearance to an angry lumber yard-owner who appeared in an earlier strip of Mr Slicker and the Egg Robbers. Both characters are anthropomorphic dogs with similar noses, feet, ears, and glasses. While an argument might could be made that the two are the same, they are portrayed with entirely different temperaments. The unnamed lumber yard-owner appears to be a very angry and grouchy man, while Mr Wattley seems to be a cheery and forgiving fellow.

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