Mrs Blackduck was a female anthropomorphic duck.

Description[edit | edit source]

This female duck married swashbuckling pirate Ferdinand Blackduck in the 18th century and bore him one son, whom both were very fond of upon his birth. As she had white feathers, and her husband black feathers, the child (who would later betray his father's hopes by becoming a dentist) had gray ones. It seems Mrs Blackduck died early, as the dentist remained Ferdinand's only son; she did not remain behind as a ghost, and, indeed, it seems Ferdinand's determination to leave his state of haunting and move on may have had to do with being reunited with her.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Mrs Blackduck was only ever seen in 2000 story The Last of the Blackducks.

Her resemblance to Daisy Duck goes unexplained. It is possible she was part of one of the Duck family's lines of ancestry, which would mean Donald Duck was, in fact, related to the Blackducks, albeit distantly.

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