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Mrs Cackle, better known as the Wise Little Hen, is an anthropomorphic hen.


Mrs Cackle is a neighbor of Grandma Duck, and, like her, is an industrious and clever farmer. She is married, and, in 1934, she had many young children. That same year, she tried to get the help of her neighbors Donald Duck and Peter Pig to plant her corn. The two lazy fellows pretended to be sick to avoid the work. Fortunately, Mrs Cackle quickly saw through them, and punished them by refusing to give them any of the corn she harvested. Later that same year, one of her children went missing, and she once more called on Peter and Donald, who, again, tried to skip on their work, with the missing child Blackie being the one to find them instead of the other way around.[1]

Behind the scenes

Mrs Cackle first appeared on June the 9th of 1934 in The Wise Little Hen.


This character was usually known as only "the Wise Little Hen", or sometimes Mrs Hen,[1] when she wasn't outright mistaken for Clara Cluck (with whom she shares a voice actress), until a storybook released by Disney retold the story of the cartoon whilst referring to her as Mrs Cackle. Incidentally, Mrs Cackle is also the name of a recurring character in the children's book series The Worst Witch, although that it most likely coincidental.

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