Mrs Goose

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Mrs Goose is a female anthropomorphic goose.


Mrs Goose attended a "concerned adults' meeting" about Halloween in Duckburg in 1961, alongside Luke Goose and his father. According to one account, she is Luke's sister, and, more oddly, Gus Goose's mother;[1] many other accounts of Duck genealogy identify Gus Goose's father as being Luke, with his mother being Luke's wife Fanny, who bears a certain resemblance to our Mrs Goose.[2]

Behind the scenes

Mrs Goose first appeared in the 1961 Carl Barks story Jet Witch, and was identified as a relative of the Goose family in Mark Worden's Duck Family Tree (1981). Her design seems to have inspired Don Rosa's own take on Gus Goose's mother Fanny Coot.

Notes & References

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