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Mrs. Jumbo is an elephant and the mother of Dumbo.


An elephant owned by the WDP Circus, Mrs. Jumbo is a kind and motherly figure. It can be argued that she is too temperamental, as she refuses to tolerate anyone mocking her son, Dumbo. Despite this, she loves and cares for her son, whom she became mother to when he was delivered to her by a stork on May 7[1] in a year before 1941.[2] She performs at WDP Circus alongside her son.[3]

Physical Appearance

Mrs. Jumbo is a large gray elephant with bright blue eyes.

Behind the scenes

Mrs. Jumbo's origins can be traced to the 1939 book Dumbo the Flying Elephant by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl. Here, she was referred to as "Mother Ella." The book would soon be adapted into an animated film, Dumbo, which was released on October the 23rd, 1941. Prior to the release of the animated film, she appeared in its comic adaptation, Dumbo of the Circus.

Voice Actresses

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