Mrs Pigeonnot is a female anthropomorphic pigeon.


The wife of famous sleuth Inspector Colombo, who shares his look down to the trench-coat and glass eye, the ever-morose Mrs Pigeonnot was invited to Rosa's 2006 panel of famous heroes' female sidekicks. The show was hijacked by the Phantom Blot's Daughter, and Pigeonnot helped the others sidekicks fight her off.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mrs Pigeonnot only ever appeared in the 2006 story Daughter of the Phantom Blot, which has, as yet, not been officially printed in English anywhere.

Her offscreen husband Inspector Pigeonnot is a clear parody of Inspector Colombo (swapping "Colombe", "dove" in French, with "pigeon"). Mrs Pigeonnot displays a lot of the physical trademarks of Colombo.

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