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Much Ado About Phooey is a comic story written by Lars Jensen and Jack Sutter, and drawn by Tino Santanach Hernandez. It features Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Phooey Duck, and, in their debuts, Mrs Parida and the Doctor.


The story starts off with Donald having his next-door neighbor over for tea while the nephews are off playing in the house. In the middle of their ruckus, a fourth nephew appears out of thin air and then disappears soon after, much to the neighbors shock. Donald tells her to calm down so he can properly explain the events leading up to this happening.

The story leads to a flashback of Donald sitting next to his radio trying to listen to an urgent news report stating that a leopard has escaped from the zoo, while the nephews are rough-housing. Donald tries to shush the boys, but they won't listen to him, prompting him to grab something out of the cupboard and chase them out of the house with it. As they ran out in the middle of a storm, the three nephews were struck by lightning, which led to Donald having to take them to the doctor. At the doctor's office, the fourth triplet pops up again next to Huey. It's then revealed that the shock from the lightning ray has caused a rare phenomenon called spontaneous cell division. The doctor tells them that the effects from the ray should wear off in a few months.

As Donald and the boys are walking home, the leopard that escaped ends up finding them. All of them run up to the slide on the playground to get away from it. The leopard chases after one of the triplets down the slide, which causes it to get stuck in the slide, but when Donald looks back, all three of the triplets are still there. As they look down the slide, they see the triplet poof away, revealing that it was the duplicate that had saved them from the leopard.

Behind the scenes

Much Ado About Phooey is a short comic meant to give an in-universe explanation of how the fourth triplet, Phooey Duck, came into existence. The story was first published in October of 1999 in Denmark in Anders And & Co. #1999-41. It has not, to date, been printed in English (the first page seen above is a scanlation).