Muck-Draker is an anthropomorphic-duck-like swamp monster of mysterious origins.


A mysterious "swamp creature" who may once have been an anthropomorphic duck (as he has some features of one), physically-imposing, grim-faced Muck-Draker joined the revamped version of the Justice Ducks in the 1990's, fighting supervillainy alongside Darkwing Duck, Gizmoduck and other heroes.

Behind the scenesEdit

Seemingly a parody of the DC character "Swamp-Thing", Muck-Draker was planned to appear in the cancelled 1990's cartoon spinoff of Darkwing Duck, Justice Ducks, as a major supporting character.

It would seem that the design of Muckduck, a villain originating in Joe Books' line of Darkwing Duck, was based, at least partially, on that of Muck-Draker.

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