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“Mugger Joe” is an anthropomorphic dog.


For “years“ leading up to 1955, this Duckburg-dwelling toughie inconvenienced Scrooge McDuck on his way about the street, insisting on keeping the sidewalk all to himself and his perpetually-snarling hound. After purchasing an insurance policy that would win him a billion dollars if he got injured any way, however, Scrooge decided to up and confront Joe and his dog, forcing his nephew Donald to step in and take the fight for him (lest the insurance company be forced to pay the billion dollar, for which the head of the company, then Donald's both, would surely fire him). Donald managed to best both Mugger and the dog, though he was passably ruffled by the experience.

Behind the scenesEdit

This character has, so far, only appeared in the 1955 Carl Barks story Policy Pandemonium.

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