Mugloo was a human man.


The first magician of all times, Mugloo was a caveman who started out partaking in his tribe's haphazard attempts to placate the evil spirits of nature (lightning, fire, winds), but then came to be skeptical about the supernatural nature of these events, and, thus, the effectiveness of shaking bones and painted sticks at them while dancing. Mugloo then decided to capitalize on his fellow tribesmen's gullibility, dreaming up fire-based parlor tricks to make himself appear as a powerful sorcerer — gaining fame and fortune as a result. Thousands of years later, Mickey Mouse would recall Mugloo (though his name, by then, had been lost) as the first power-hungry charlatan in history, as part of a lecture he gave on magic through the ages.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mugloo appears in flashbacks in the 1957 story Mickey Mouse in Magic Land.

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