Mugsy is a male non-anthropomorphic dog.


Mugsy is the hyperintelligent pet dog of Lightfingers Lou, a notorious safecracker in Duckburg in the 1960's. Lou had a well-worked-out scheme that he kept using: he had trained a dog, Mugsy, to help him with his burglaries; he would pretend to sell Mugsy to those he wanted to rob, and the outstandingly clever dog would help him come in at night once his "new owners" slept. Lightfingers was eventually arrested in 1962 after he tried to rob Donald and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck's house; the triplets adopted Mugsy and promised to teach him how to be honest.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mugsy first appeared in the 1962 story Burglar with a Bark.

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