Fanwork The Musical Machine was an organ-like machine designed by Lord Leopold Lioneyes.


The Musical Machine was a huge device built inside the Cave of the Winds by Lord Leopold Lioneyes to control the vibrations of a mysterious crystal which could hypnotically beckon all the magical creatures who heard it, by resonating with magically-imbued DNA. The unique topography of the Cave further augmented the signal, allowing it to be heard hundreds of miles around. The Machine was also connected to horrible slaughterhouse-like apparatus designed to process the magical creatures into raw components, which Lioneyes could then steal on the witchcraft market for a fortune.

When he tested it, however, the Machine also called Gladstone Gander (who, possessing supernatural luck inherited from his mother, also had "magically-imbued DNA"), followed by Magica De Spell. The two were able to confront Lioneyes and lead to the destruction of the Machine, with even the master crystal being smashed by Unie the Unicorn's horn.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Musical Machine appears in the 2019 story Trial of the Unicorn.

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