Mustapha Handout is a fictional character, an anthropomorphic gander.


Conceived of as an all-seeing, fortune-telling, somewhat sinister Indian Fakir, the guise of unkempt mystic Mustapha Handout was devised in 1950 by Gladstone Gander in an effor to trick Donald Duck as part of Gladstone and Donald's competition to try and capture the Unicorn of the Himalayas. Gladstone used the Mustapha character to send Donald to "a man with a unicorn for sale" (really another disguise of Gladstone's, selling an old nag with a carrot stuck to its forehead). Gladstone's trickery was soon exposed by quick thinking from Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck.[1]

As Mustapha was a rather stereotypical and offensive caricature of an Indian man, to top off the fact that Gladstone achieved the appearance of Mustapha by splattering dirt on his face in an egregious use of brownface, the American goose came to greatly regret his actions that day. During another adventure involving Unie the Unicorn, he confessed his guilt in the matter to the Unicorn, thereby purifying his soul sufficiently for the Unicorn to deign help him.[2][FANWORK]

Behind the scenesEdit

Mustapha Handout appears in the 1950 story Trail of the Unicorn, its 1951 remake The Trail of the Unicorn, and its 2019 sequel Trial of the Unicorn (where the much more problematic aspects of Gladstone's disguise by modern standards are explored at length).

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