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My Little Garden is a cartoon written by Darrick Bachman, Paul Rudish and David Wasson, and directed by Rudish and Wasson. It features Mickey Mouse and Pluto.


Mickey Mouse decides to prune his little backyard garden, only to get lost in it for weeks as he realizes that his lack of care for the garden has somehow allowed it to mutate into a sprawling, and dangerous, jungle. To make things worse, there appears to be some mysterious beast stalking the lost wanderer as he looks desperately for his gardening shed…


  • Mickey somehow becomes lost in the overgrown yard for 87 days.


  • It's implied that Pluto had been missing, lost in the backyard jungle, for "several months" before that, purporting to explain why Pluto's appearance in previous episodes of Mickey Mouse: The Series had been so sparse — his latest regular appearance when My Little Garden was broadcast was Coned! (2015), a full four years earlier, excepting Year of the Dog (2018), which was out of continuity with the rest of the series, chronologically speaking.
  • A version of Mickey Mouse being stalked by a mysterious monster later revealed to be a version of Pluto is a plot point that had already been used in the Wizards of Mickey comic series.

Behind the scenes

This short was released in March of 2019 as part of the 2013 Mickey Mouse TV series.