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Mysterious Cargo to Istandupp is a comic story probably written by Vic Lockman, and drawn by Phil DeLara. It features Moby Duck, Scrooge McDuckTitus Wadly, Porpy, the Beagle Boys, Beghdad Kephath, Mr Kephath, Captain Hook and Mr Smee.


Moby Duck is hired by Scrooge McDuck to transport a mysterious cargo of seemingly-empty crates to the Middle-Eastern country of Istandupp. Moby isn't the only one confused, as the Beagle Boys and Captain Hook also wonder what the crates might contain… and whether, perchance, it might not be worth stealing.

Behind the scenes

This story was only ever published in the United States of America in the 1968 Moby Duck #2. It was reprinted in the Australian Giant #444, and a heavily truncated verson was printed in the British Donald and Mickey #70 (cutting all the Beagle Boys and Captain Hook shenanigans).

Though the name of the writer has been lost to time, it is likely that it is the work of Vic Lockman, as Lockman was the creator of Titus Wadly the year prior, and, at this point, likely the only writer who'd have remembered the character.