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Mystery of the Manse: Final Chapter is the sixth and final episode of Mystery of the Manse, written by Dan Vado and drawn by Mike Moss. It features the Ghost Host, and, within his story, his mortal identity of William Gracey (identifying the Host with Master Gracey) as well as Madame Leota, Gus and Phineas, the Opera Glasses Lady, Great Caesar's Ghost, King Tut, Michelle, the Singing Busts and the Treasure-Hunter. Gracey's old captain and crew, and his Bride, are also mentioned.


The Ghost Host finishes his story of how the Haunted Mansion came to be, explaining how his murder of Madame Leota mid-séance turned the Mansion into a beacon in the afterlife, calling out to all lost or wandering spirits. But as he reaches the end of his tale, the question arises — just who has the Host been talking to?


  • The Ghost Host suggests that the reason the Mansion called out to wandering spirits the world over was that the psychic Madame Leota continued her séance in death, now calling out impossibly loudly to the Spirit World in its own language.
  • He states that “the first to arrive were the souls from the local graveyards… Souls and spirits who had not yet crossed over, the cursed and the undead…”.
  • The overlay of images and narration suggests that the Host deems Gus “virtuous”, Phineas “villainous, Great Caesar's Ghost “famous” and the Opera Glasses Lady “infamous”.


  • The story posits an origin for the corps of Mansion Maids & Butlers who are portrayed by live cast members in the The Haunted Mansion (1969) ride in a view where the Mansion still exists on the outskirts of New Orleans rather than having been transported to Disneyland.
  • Madame Leota is shown not to fully realize she has passed on, an idea previously employed in another SLG comic story, a “present-day” tale entitled Talking Heads (2006).
  • This story concludes the Mystery of the Manse miniseries. The story arc is picked up by the Interview series, whose final installment The Final Interview (2006) leads into an overall epilogue to the SLG Haunted Mansion comics, Misery of the Manse: Part 1 (2006), whose title is obviously meant to position it as the direct sequel to Mystery of the Manse.

Behind the scenes

This story was published in 2007 in SLG's The Haunted Mansion #6.