Mystery of the Manse: Part Five

Mystery of the Manse: Part Five is the fifth episode of Mystery of the Manse, written by Dan Vado and drawn by Mike Moss. It features the Ghost Host, and, within his story, his mortal identity of William Gracey (identifying the Host with Master Gracey) as well as Madame Leota, Emily de Claire, the Hatbox Ghost and the ghostly pirate crew of the Pomona, yet to become the Pop-Up Ghosts of the Attic.


The Ghost Host continues the story of his life as William Gracey — with this portion of his tale concerning his ruined wedding, during which the Hatbox Ghost and other ghostly pirates summoned by the vengeful Madame Leota revealed his bloody past to his Bride, causing her death and, subsequently, Gracey's own suicide!


  • The Hatbox Ghost departs from the Mansion on his own accord after having ruined Gracey's wedding, claiming that he “has his own afterlife to be getting on with”.


Behind the scenes

This story was published in 2006 in SLG's The Haunted Mansion #5.

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