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Mystery of the Manse: Part Three is the third episode of Mystery of the Manse, written by Dan Vado and penciled by Mike Moss. It features the Ghost Host, and, within his story, his mortal identity of William Gracey (identifying the Host with Master Gracey) as well as Jean Lafitte, Brian Belew, the Coffin Occupant, Edgar the Raven and the Floating Candelabra.


The Ghost Host continues the story of his life as William Gracey — with this portion of his tale concerning Gracey's arrival in New Orleans and his purchase of an old manor. Though Gracey initially thinks the local folklore concerning the house — which describes it as haunted — will merely be useful in driving away interlopers, his first visit to the grounds proves eye-opening to say the least…


  • Jean Lafitte, “part pirate, part patriot”, whom Captain Blood had encountered many times, participated in the Battle of New Orleans but was later renounced by the government he had helped secure; “seen briefly in Galveston in the Republic of Texas”, he then disappeared off the face of the Earth.
  • Gracey claims that Brian Belew, upon selling Gracey Manor to him, told him that it had been recently built, and almost immediately abandoned, with some of the workers who had built it even vanishing. He finds the coffin of the Coffin Occupant already in place.


  • Gracey's walk through the Mansion is more or less a recreation of the first half of the experience of the The Haunted Mansion (1969) ride itself, stopping just before what would be the Madame Leota scene in the ride.
  • This account of how William Gracey became Master of Gracey Manor conflicts with numerous others, not least of which Blueprint for Murder (2006), published in another issue of the same SLG Haunted Mansion comic.
  • William Gracey touches down at “Lafitte's Landing”. The prominent sign was originally present in the loading area of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction (1967).

Behind the scenes

This story was published in May of 2006 in SLG's The Haunted Mansion #3.

Throughout the story, Jean Lafitte's name is misspelled as “Jean Laffite”.

Notably, the real-life Lafitte is understood to have died in 1823, in much less murky circumstances than those this story implies, and the Republic of Texas in which the story places his “last known setting” was not independent under that name until 1836. Unless this is an element of the Ghost Host's unreliable narration, this suggests that either, or both, of those dates may be different in the Prime Universe compared to real life.

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