Mysterystan is a minor foreign country.


Presumably located somewhere near India, Mysterystan is a small albeit wealthy country with whom Scrooge McDuck has had dealings. It is a monarchy, governed in 1967 by King Kumquat. Prior to that year, the Doom Diamond had ended up in the hands of the Crown, and, under the leadership of court official Pfat Caht, a fortune was invested in charms and counter-curses to keep the Diamond's curse at bay until a buyer was found in the person of Scrooge McDuck.



Scrooge McDuck watching the only known Mysterystanian city from the docks.

The only known city of Mysterystan is a bustling seaside city built in classical Oriental architecture. It was the place where the Doom Diamond was kept during Kumquat's ownership thereof, and Kumquat had a palace there, thought it is unknown if it meant the city was the capital of Mysterystan or if King Kumquat had simply moved into a summer residence for the sake of meeting Scrooge McDuck who had come to collect the diamond. 


Thought it is possible that Mysterystan also had a traditional tongue, it seems most of the population was somewhat fluent in English, as King Kumquat and Pfat Caht dealt with Scrooge McDuck in this language and the crowd of Mysterystanians seeing Scrooge off when he departed with the Doom Diamond in 1967 seemed to understand what he was saying, and answered in English "Goodbye! And hurry home!". 

Behind the scenesEdit

Mysterystan was only ever seen in the 1967 story The Doom Diamond

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