The Mythical Goat is a mysterious being from the mystical realm of Goatoom, who, when visiting earthly realms, takes the form of a speaking, but non-anthropomorphic, goat.


This deep-voiced goat is a powerful magical being and the ruler of the world of Goatoom. In 2019, taking on the “terrestrial form” of a small grayish goat with glowing green eyes, he visited McDuck Manor and lured Scrooge McDuck, Louie Duck and Donald Duck into an adventure in Goatoom, during which Louie briefly usurped the Goat's crown before learning that “real royalty comes from within”.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Mythical Goat (only so named by the end credits) appears in the DuckTales 2017 episode The Golden Spear.

Voice ActorsEdit

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