The N'ways are a group of malevolent imps found in the 2017 Continuum.


The N'ways are small, dark green, Gremlin-like demons who bite and scratch at people at the first opportunity, but vanish when their name is spoken backward (as “Yawn”). They are summoned into existence when somehow sits down upon an artifact known as the Mask of N'way, which resembles a N'way's face. In March of 2019, Scrooge McDuck foiled the N'way and then took the Mask of N'way to be cleaned before he could place it in his collection of artifacts; Flintheart Glomgold, impersonating Scrooge as part of a wicked scheme some time later, accidentally released the N'ways once more, though Launchpad quickly told him how to get rid of them .

Behind the scenes

The N'ways appear in the 2019 comic story Flintheart… McDuck?!?.

They are designed after the Gremlins from the eponymous film series (with no connection to the Disney Gremlins).

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