Napoléon Bonaparte, who reigned as Emperor Napoléon I, and whose name is most readily spelled Napoleon in Anglo-Saxon countries, was a human man.


Fiercely devoted to his home country of France, Napoléon was a major figure of its history in the end of the 18th, and beginning of the 19th, centuries. Through his strategic genius, Napoléon ended up crowned Emperor of France as Napoléon the Ist.

His peculiar appearance (with his bicorn hat and his right hand kept inside his coat, a mysterious habit various attributed to a concealed gun[1] or a scratchy waistcoat[2]) became an iconic image often imitated or spoofed in later centuries. By the 1930's, Napoleon busts were a common bit of interior decorating.

Due to his status as a major historical figure, Napoléon has been encountered by time-travelers on several occasions; men who used time travel to meet Napléon include Gyro Gearloose, Mickey Mouse and the Genie.

Behind the scenesEdit

Based, of course, on the historical Napoleon Bonaparte, the Disneyan Napoléon was first glimpsed through a marble bust in the 1932 The Grocery Boy comic. He makes notable live appearances in Historical Confusion (1971), Vocal Hero (1995) and several chapters of Mickey Through the Centuries.

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