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“Negaduck” is the alias of an anthropomorphic duck who was originally from the Negaverse.


Not dissimilar to the Negatron Negaduck created when Darkwing Duck was hit with the Tronsplitter, this bombastic, cruel villain is Darkwing's evil counterpart from a parallel dimension. The leader of the Fearsome Five, an alliance of various foes of Darkwing Duck, Negaduck is without a doubt Darkwing's most dangerous foe, though temper and ego are as much his weakness as that of “DW” himself; this, combined with his lack of true friends and family in comparison to the prime Darkwing, is what has always allowed the forces of good to triumph over his increasingly more dangerous schemes.

Like Darkwing, Negaduck normally does not possess any superpowers, instead relying on a variety of gadgets and vehicles to supplement his physical abilities. His vehicles are numerous, including a helicopter, a chopper motorcycle, a monster truck, a (in one account) spaceship, and his own versions of Darkwing's Ratcatcher and Thunderquack.

Behind the scenes

The Negaverse Negaduck first appeared in Just Us Justice Ducks, as a result of the writers wanting to reuse the original Negaduck from the episode of the same name. However, it had to be established that the new Negaduck was a separate character with a different origin, as the first Negaduck had ceased to exist by the end of the episode; this was done in Life, the Negaverse, and Everything. An alternative origin was given in The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck, establishing Negaduck and Darkwing as alien cousins.

Dangerous Currency ends with Negaduck sucked back into Wasteland City; his return by Orange is the New Purple had to remain unexplained due to the copyright issues surrounding Dangerous Currency, like all the other villains'.

A pitch for the never produced Justice Ducks series included Negaduck as one of the many villains the heroic team would have faced, along with the other Fearsome Five members, Taurus Bulba, Major Synapse, Professor Moliarty, Tuskernini, and F.O.W.L.[1]