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Negatron Negaduck, originally known more simply as Negaduck, was the negative side of Darkwing Duck, split off from his positive side by the Tronsplitter.


Originally, the Tronsplitter's effects created two separate versions of Darkwing, with this version consisting of all his negatrons while the other consisted of all his positrons. The Negatron Darkwing thus embodied all of Darkwing's worst traits, and desired to remain permanently separate from his good side in order to wreak havoc upon St. Canard. He thus attempted to destroy the Tronsplitter, but Megavolt's attempts to stop him resulted in the Negatron Darkwing becoming galvanized. Dubbing himself Negaduck, the now incredibly powerful being began rampaging through St. Canard, causing rampant destruction. However, his good self became galvanized as well, and when the two proved evenly matched Gosalyn Mallard was able to merge the pair back into one Darkwing.

In his original form, Negatron Negaduck was visually identical to the normal Darkwing and to his goodly counterpart, except that he possessed prominent black eyebrows. Upon becoming galvanized, he gained a photo-negative like black and gray color scheme with red eyes.

Behind the scenes

This Negaduck was originally introduced in the episode "Negaduck", which also resolved his story arc. However, creators wanted to reuse the name, and so conceived of the character of Negaduck, an alternate Darkwing from the Negaverse. Various materials and merchandise have since retroactively dubbed this version Negatron Negaduck to differentiate him from that character.