Neverland, also known as Never Land or Never Never Land, is a magical land.

Description[edit | edit source]

Located somewhere in Earth's orbit (although it's better described as some sort of magical world that can roughly be accessed by flying towards a particular star), Neverland is a magical land of childhood, fun and belief. The home of fairies, mermaids, pirates, Indians, and anything else that might entertain children, Neverland is most famously the home of Peter Pan. It is surrounded by seas of indefinite proportions called the Neverseas. One can get in and out of Neverland by sailing the Neverseas, but not on purpose — it was once frequent for lost pirate ships to land there, and in his youth James Hook quite unwillingly drifted off Neverland and back into Earthly waters, but any willing attempt to leave Neverland by boat is doomed to failure.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Based on the location of the same name in James Matthew Barrie's Peter Pan play and novel, Neverland was first seen in the 1953 animated feature Peter Pan.

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