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The Neverland Indian Tribe are a group of human people living in Neverland.


These people resembling an early 20th century child's idea of what "Indians" should be live in a village in Neverland. They are led by Big Chief. Ever since the Lost Boys have lived in Neverland, the Indians and the Lost Boys have had an unending mock-war; at the end of any "battle", one of the groups would end up captured by the other, which would be marked down as a victory, and then would be released in expectation of the next game.

Behind the Scenes

The Indians, naturally based on the similar characters in J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan play and novel, first appeared in 1953 in Peter Pan.


For their overly clichéd designs and behaviors (which some have seen as racist), and the certainly problematic nature of the lyrics of the song What Makes The Red Man Red, the Indians have become a very controversial part of the Peter Pan series in recent years, hence their near-complete omission from recent media set in Neverland, such as Return to Neverland and the Disney Fairies series. This criticism, while founded, often overlooks the potential “justification” that the ‘Indians’, like everything in Neverland, are in fact attuned to the imagination of children, and they resemble these stereotypes because those are the stereotypes Edwardian-era British children would have held.