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The New Groundskeeper was a human man.


The nephew of the manager of the firm in charge of maintaining the abandoned New Orleans Haunted Mansion, this arrogant young man convinced his Uncle Charles to lay off old Horace so that he could take over his shift and take advantage of it to look for the legendary treasure of Gracey Manor. However, as soon as he started the nightly search, the New Groundskeeper was set up by the happy haunts of the Mansion, innocently asking where Horace had gone but being startlingly ghoulish in the process. This culminated in the Hitchhiking Ghosts appearing to him in the rear-view mirror of his car as he began to flee. It seems that in shock, he crashed the car, though either way what is certain is that he was not seen in the Mansion again and Horace returned to his regular duties.

Behind the scenes

The New Groundskeeper appears in the 2005 story The New Groundskeeper.