The Nine-Eyes Woman is a multiple-eyed female dognose.


This otherwise attractive woman has nine eyes, making her one of the many monsters who can be found staying in places such as the Hotel Transylvania. Unfortunately for her, all of her eyes were woefully nearsighted, forcing her to rely on an understandably unique pair of glasses, which she lost in 2004 when fellow monster Bigfoot stepped on them while they were both staying at the Hotel Transylvania.

She came to hyper-competent concierge Donald Duck for help; Donald, much to her satisfaction, suggested she use several pairs of contact lenses. Finally able to convincingly use makeup on her eyes, now that they were no longer covered by the thick glasses, she ordered several crates of eyeshadow which Donald brought her.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Nine-Eyes Woman first appeared in 2004 in Hotel Transylvania.

It is possible she has some connection to the Seven-Eyes Man, another monster guest of the Hotel Transylvania who is briefly seen in the story, though the Seven-Eyes Man is much less human-like in appearance than her. 

Like many monsters who stayed at (or worked for) the Hotel Transylvania, it is possible the Nine-Eyes Woman originally came from the X-Dimension, rather than being native to Earth.

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