No Business Like Show Business, also printed under the title The Play's the Thing, is a comic story written by Werner Wejp-Olsen and Jim Kenner and drawn by Daniel Branca. It features Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Gladstone Gander and Mayor Hogwilde, as well as the debut of Lobelia Stageflower, Donnie Dashingblade and Mr Gilt-Filcher. Jeremy Frett and William Shakespeare are also mentioned.


Donald and Gladstone, competing for the title part in a production of a Shakespeare play at the suggestion of Daisy Duck, keep sabotaging each other's rehearsals… But even if it looks like Gladstone is getting the upper hand, Donald shouldn't lose hope just yet!

Behind the scenesEdit

Written in December of 1984, this story was only published over a year later in February of 1986, in the Swedish Kalle Anka & Co. #1986-08. It was printed in English in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #539 with the script "spiced up" by Geoffrey Blum; among other changes, the play was turned from just plain Hamlet to a parody thereof, entitled Gimlet.

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