No Service

No Service is a cartoon story. It features Mickey MouseMinnie MouseGoofyDonald Duck, and Daisy Duck.


Mickey and Donald, waiting for Minnie and Daisy on the boardwalk, decide to pick up lunch from Goofy's boardwalk restaurant. However, Goofy's strict "No shirt, no shoes, no service!" policy means that neither of them can go in. The two draw feathers from Donald's tail to determine who will get the other's clothes and go in, at which Donald cheats, by pulling an enormous quill-like feather from his pocket. Donald takes Mickey's shoes, and, needlessly, his pants, and goes into the restaurant, while Mickey is left naked outside. Unfortunately for him, Minnie and Daisy show up at that very moment, and Mickey must attempt to hide in various strange locations along the boardwalk, while Donald laughs at him through the window. However, when Donald attempts to pay for the food, he realizes that he has Mickey's I.D. card, as it was in his pants. Goofy, seeing that he is trying to use an I.D. that is not his own, kicks him out (quite literally) of the diner. As Donald flies through the air, Mickey's shoes and pants fly off, as well as Donald's hat and suit. The food also goes flying. Mickey, jumping into the air, grabs the food and puts on all of the clothes, landing next to Minnie and Daisy. The three walk off arm-in-arm, while Donald is left naked on the boardwalk.

Behind the scenes

No Service is the first episode of the Mickey Mouse cartoon series. It was released on June 28, 2013.

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