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No refunds, no returns
DuckTales 4 CVRA
Issue Information
Issue 4
Published Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Written by Warren Spector
Artists Jose Massaroli & Magic Eye Studios
Comic Guide

Heavy hangs the head


Danger rides on Dark wings

No refunds, no returns or Rightful Owners Part 4 is the conclusion to the Rightful Owners and the 4th issue of the Ducktales Comic Series published by Kaboom (Studios).

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It’s the epic conclusion to “Rightful Owners.” Scrooge McDuck is on the brink of restoring his collection of returned rarities, but will a crisis of conscience be his ultimate undoing? You won’t want to miss the action brought to you by EPIC MICKEY’s Warren Spector and MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD’s Leonel Castellani, and of course the Disney Afternoon Revolution!


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