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Nosferatu is an anthropomorphic rat and vampire from the 2017 Continuum, its counterpart to the original Nosferatu.


Nosferatu — a stylish vampire with a taste for candy as well as blood — is one of the vampires inhabiting the Hazel House in Duckburg alongside Witch Hazel, in a grave in whose backyard his coffin his located. Alongside Hazel, the Wereduck, the Blob and Frankenstein, Nosferatu developed a yearly Halloween habit of scaring trick-or-treaters who came to the House until they dropped their candy. By the time Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck and Webby uncovered this conspiracy in 2020, the monsters had taken to disguising themselves as more modern ghouls to keep up with the times; Nosferatu, for example, disguised himself as a “creepy puppetmaster” archetype.

Behind the scenes

This version of Nosferatu appeared in 2020 in DuckTales 2017’s Season 3 Halloween special, The Trickening.

Voice Actors