Now Live: Disney Sorcerer's Arena! is an animated webcast serving as a promotional short for the video game Disney Sorcerer's Arena. It features the Master SorcererJack SparrowShenzi, Banzai, and Ed, Bo Peep, Sulley Sullivan, Scar, Jack Skellington, Stitch, Syndrome, a Cy-Bug, Ariel, Darkwing Duck, Syndrome's Guards, Maleficent, Hades, the Living Brooms, Mickey Mouse, and Pocahontas.

Plot Edit

The Master Sorcerer has unleashed the Enchanted Cards from their box, summoning heroes and villains from across time and space to the Sorcerer's Arena for an ultimate battle.


Behind the scenes Edit

Now Live: Disney Sorcerer's Arena! was released on March the 25 on YouTube to announce the launch of Disney Sorcerer's Arena, which was released at the same time.

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