O.K. Quack is a male anatidian.


O.K. Quack is an alien from the planet Anatidae. Characterized by a rather naive but very friendly disposition, O.K. shares all Anatadians' psychic powers and affinity with technology. He is particularly good at picking locks, describing his understanding of their inner workings as "speaking" to them. O.K. has a cousin in the person of Ko Wack, a professional thief.

In 1981, he decided to go on a tour of the Milky Way in his Flywheel. Landing on Earth, O.K. met Scrooge McDuck (giving him quite a fright when he managed to enter his Money Bin thanks to his ability to guess the combination from the lock itself). Unfortunately, O.K.'s shrunken Flywheel ended up confused for a coin and lost. Until it would resurface among Scrooge McDuck's fortune, O.K. was stranded on Earth, where Scrooge and his family were forced to take care of him. In the end, O.K. took a liking to Earth life and stayed there even when other opportunities to leave (such as a visit from Ko Wack) presented themselves.

Behind the scenesEdit

He first appeared in the 1981 Italian story The Tourist from the End of the Universe.

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