The Oafish Clockmaker, also known as the Oaf is a human man and one of the Masters of Illusion.


Given life by Mizrabel with Illusion Magic, this lumbering oaf of a man lives in the Clocktower of the Castle of Illusion. Like the other Masters of Illusion, the Oaf had been entrusted one of the Rainbow Gems in 1990. When Mickey entered the Castle to rescue Minnie Mouse, he managed to defeat the Oaf despite his compared lack of strength.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Oafish Clockmaker was created in 1990 for the video game Castle of Illusion, where he is the second-to-last boss. He was, naturally, seen again in the 2013 remake of the game, where he was slightly redesigned, coming to resemble Willie the Giant more than he originally did.

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