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Obsession is a comic story written by Byron Erickson and drawn by Daan Jippes. It features Scrooge McDuck, Magica De Spell, Ratface, Miss Quackfaster and the Vesuvius Detectives.


After an nth defeat at getting Scrooge McDuck's Lucky Dime, Magica De Spell has a breakdown and begins to, quite literally, break everything down in her house. Among all the junk thus stirred up, she finds the old pot in which she had collected rich men's coins way back in 1961. Her raven advisor Ratface suggests that, even though she's been concentrating on Scrooge's lucky dime for all these years, nothing stops her from switching back to the original plan and using these collected coins. That she does, and the newly golden-touched Magica proceeds to “buy up half the Riviera”. But something's missing… Maybe — just maybe — she did not like the idea of having the Midas Touch so much as she enjoyed the thought of actually beating Scrooge.

Behind the scenes

This story was first printed in Poland in Kaczor Donald #2009-04 in 2009. It was first printed in English on February the 22nd, 2011 in Uncle Scrooge #400; in addition to the issue's peculiar number, this was, fittingly, also fifty years after Magica's first appearance in the 1961 story The Midas Touch.