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Old Blackie is a male non-anthropomorphic crow.


Old Blackie is the leader of a murder of crows. By 1958, he was recognized on sight by Gyro Gearloose as the “smartest crow in seventeen states”, a title the voracious bird more than lived up to in his attacks on Gyro's strawberry patch, displaying enough wits to understand the robotic nature of Gyro's new scarecrow and even unplug it before plugging it back in. Where Gyro was helpless to deal with them, the Little Helper, wielding a tiny replica of Thor's Hammer and flying a chariot pulled by race pigeons, managed to shoo Blackie's entire murder out of Duck County and into Goose Egg County, without Gyro ever noticing.

Behind the scenes

Old Blackie is the de facto main antagonist of the 1958 story Getting Thor.