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The Old Vicuna Hunter was an elderly, male dognose.


Born to another vicuna hunter living in a lonely barranca near the edge of the Region of the Great Mists in Peru, this man, when just a boy, witnessed the death of Rhutt Betler as he staggered out of the mists, half-mad and starving, having escaping Plain Awful. His father took most of the strange square stones which the man carried to a priest in Cuzco, though he kept a few for himself, which the not-yet-old Vicuna Hunter observed.

By the end of the 1940's, the long-orphaned Vicuna Hunter had gone nearly blind. During the Duckburg Museum's expedition in the Andes in order to find the source of the square eggs, Donald and his his nephews came across the old man, who could not see the square eggs, but, upon touch, remembered their story. This led to the Ducks traveling to Plain Awful before making off with two Square Roosters.

A few years later, the same four ducks (now with the addition of their treasure-seeking uncle Scrooge McDuck), now looking for the Temple of Manco Capac, once again crossed paths with the Hunter, who asked them if they were still out to find Square Eggs. When asked about the location the wherabouts of the Temple, the Hunter reproduced the traditional conviction that it was in the bottom of theLake Titicoocoo.

During the Ducks' third venture near the Region of the Great Mists, Flintheart Glomgold hired the old Indian (whose sight had improved since then through unknown means, one suggestion being contact lenses) as a guide through the Region of the Great Mists. Though still considering that the Americans were all mad for messing with this dangerous terrain time and time again, the Vicuna Hunter took the job, but drew the line at following Glomgold into Plain Awful itself.

Behind the scenes

First appearing in Lost in the Andes, the Old Vicuna Hunter became a somewhat iconic character due to that story's classic status, and reappeared in Don Rosa's The Son of the Sun and Return to Plain Awful.

In the latter story, Rosa committed the continuity mistake of overlooking that the Hunter was blind or good as, and thus quite unfit to serve as Glomgold's guide — recalling that Lost in the Andes mentioned that his blindness had started when he broke his glasses, Rosa jokingly suggested that the Old Hunter had started wearing contact lenses.