One Jump Ahead is a song featured in Aladdin, and later in Aladdin: The Musical.

Context and SummmaryEdit

As the Guards of Agrabah chase him around the marketplace for having stolen a loaf of bread, Aladdin begins singing this song about his fast-paced life of necessary stealing and of escaping said Guards. He comes across several citizens who know him well and interact with him within the song.

Later on, a sadder reprise shows Aladdin lamenting his status as an outcast forced to steal, and seen as nothing but a waste of space by the citizens.


Aladdin: Got to keep
One jump
Ahead of the bread line,
One swing ahead of the sword…
I steal only what I can't afford!
…That's everything.
One jump
Ahead of the lawmen,
That's all,
And that's no joke…
These guys
Don't appreciate I'm broke.
Guards: Riffraff!
Street rat!
Take that!
Aladdin: …Just a little snack, guys!
Take it back, guys!
Aladdin: Huh! I can take a hint;
Got to face the facts,
You're my only friend, Abu!
Girls: Ooh? Oh, it's sad, Aladdin's hit the bottom…
He's become a one-man rise in crime!
Woman: I'd blame parents — except he hasn't got 'em!
Aladdin: Got to eat to live,
Got to steal to eat,
I'll tell you about it when I get the time!
One jump
Ahead of the slowpokes,
One skip
Ahead of my doom,
Next time, I'm going to use a nom de plume
One jump
Ahead of the hitmen,
One hit
Ahead of the flock,—
I… think I'll take a stroll around the block.
Jeweler: Stop, thief!
Client: Scandal!
Aladdin: …Let's not be too hasty!
Fangirl: Still, I think he's rather tasty!
Aladdin: Got to eat to live,
Got to steal to eat…
Otherwise, we'd get along!
Guards: WRONG!
Aladdin: One jump
Ahead of the hoof beats,
Guards: Stop, thief!
Aladdin: One hop
Ahead of the hump,
Guards: Street rat!
Aladdin: One trick
Ahead of disaster,
Guards: Scoundrel!
Aladdin: They're quick —
But I'm much faster!
Guards: Take that!
Aladdin: Here goes…

Better throw my hand in, Wish me happy landing: All I've got to do is juuump!

Sad RepriseEdit

"Riffraff", "street rat"?
I don't buy that.
If only they'd look closer…
Would they see a poor boy?
No siree…
They'd find out…
There's so much more to me…

Behind the scenesEdit

One Jump Ahead was slightly rewritten to emphasize that Aladdin only stole to eat, because the filmmakers feared that the sequence (wherein the likable hero is a thief chased by brutish law enforcers) might be misunderstood by kids as promoting theft.

In Aladdin: The Musical, the reference to Abu is erased, with Aladdin instead saying: I could use a friend or two!

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