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One Scary Night is a comic story, the second in the Epic Mickey: Tales of Wasteland series, written by Peter David and drawn by Claudio Sciarrone. It features Oswald Rabbit, Animatronic Donald Duck and Animatronic Goofy as well as the Lonesome Ghosts and the Bunny Children. Mickey Mouse, Big Bad Pete and Jean-Paul Sartre are mentioned, and the Lonesome Dancers, the Lonesome Bride and Ghost Pete make their debut.


Pete has dared Oswald to spend a night in Wasteland's haunted house, Lonesome Manor. After dragging in Animatronic Donald and Animatronic Goofy to help him, he takes a rather terrifying tour of the house in question!


  • Lonesome Manor's contents are shown to mirror those of the Haunted Mansion as seen in The Haunted Mansion (1969): first a Stretching Room, then corridors, then the Ballroom, then an encounter with a ghost Bride, then a graveyard.
  • The outside of the house, meanwhile, resembles that of Phantom Manor from Phantom Manor (attraction) (1992). Amusingly, the aged ghost bride's wailing of "Marry me!", which was originally unique to the Lonesome Bride in this comic, was later echoed by Melanie Ravenswood in the 2019 refurbishment of Phantom Manor.
  • In Epic Mickey (2010), Lonesome Manor, both outside and inside, looks rather different, and seems much larger. This discrepancy is explained by “Epic” Proportions (2009), an episode of the unlicensed Haunted Mansion Show where the Prime Universe's Haunted Mansion is shown to be transported to Wasteland shortly before the events of the game, presumably merging with the original Lonesome Manor to become the Manor seen in the game.

Behind the scenes

One Scary Night was released online in 2010 alongside the rest of Epic Mickey: Tales of Wasteland. It has been released in print in Brazil and Italy, but not in English.