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Ophal Dizzy, Esq., referred to by his nephew Goofy as "Uncle Dizzy", is an anthropomorphic dog.


Ophal Dizzy is an elderly farmer who lives within driving distance of Mouseton. He lives with his wife Effie, his dog Shep, and various other farm animals, including a destructive bull. When facing problems, Dizzy seems to have a habit of just worrying about the issues at hand instead of solving them. He'll even use worrying as an excuse for not working to solve the problem. His nephew, Goofy, as well as Goofy's friends Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, will often come to his aid instead.

Behind the scenes

Ophal Dizzy first appeared in He's an Old Apple-knocker in 1937. He has made a couple of appearances since then.

His name seems to be a play on the phrase "awful dizzy".