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Ortensia Rabbit, née Ortensia Whiskers, is a female anthropomorphic cat.


The daughter of wealthy banker J. P. Whiskers, the dreamy and romantic Ortensia fell in love with her father's one-time chauffeur Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The two married lived in blissful love for several years, their relationship only tarnished by Ortensia's refusal to acknowledge the problems her baby brother Homer kept causing for her Ozzie.

When Oswald moved to Wasteland, so did Ortensia and their numerous children. Later, Oswald and Ortensia fought together against the Shadow Blot, and Ortensia sacrificed herself to seal the Blot back in the enchanted bottle he had erupted from, as the Blot's last foul deed before being imprisoned was to petrify Ortensia. The loss of his love would haunt Oswald for many years, and he had built a shrine in Dark Beauty Castle for the petrified Ortensia. However, years later, Mickey Mouse was able to kill the Shadow Blot for good, and the life-force he'd taken from Ortensia was released, bringing her back to life. Reunited with Oswald, she later had some adventures of her own in the slowly-rebuilding Wasteland.

Behind the scenes

Ortensia was created in 1927 for the cartoon The Banker's Daughter and replaced Fanny Cottontail as Oswald's recurring girlfriend.

The original cartoons initially referred to her with several different names varying upon shorts — such as “Sadie” or her stage name of “Miss Zulu” Bright Lights. Later on more permanent names were attempted; later, she was referred to as "Kitty" in other shorts, but that was obviously just a nickname. In the end, the name of Ortensia was only chosen in the 21st century, to be used in Epic Mickey. The fact that Oswald and Ortensia's names begin with the same letter was a deliberate decision to match the pairs Mickey and Minnie, and Donald and Daisy.

Voice Actresses

  • Audrey Wasilewski (Classical voice since 2010)