Orville McDuck, better known as Dead-Eye Duck, was an anthropomorphic duck.


The son of Potcrack McDuck and Scrooge McDuck's great-uncle, Orville McDuck left Scotland for the American Wild West. There, he became known as Dead-Eye Duck and became one of the fiercest outlaws America had ever seen, associating with another desperado called Cutthroat Gatling to lead a gang called the "Poke-in-the-Eye Gang". This went on for six years until Cutthroat Gatling was captured.

Orville, betraying the remaining members of the Poke-in-the-Eye Gang, fled with all the loot, buried it somewhere safe and left instructions to find it in his diary. He then found haven in Mexico, where he became an equally formidable and greedy tax attorney. Upon his death, he sent the other McDucks a chest containing all his belongings, which wound up in the hands of Scrooge McDuck; Scrooge found the diary and eventually retrieved the treasure.

Behind the scenesEdit

Orville McDuck first appeared in the 1988 story Dead-Eye Duck's Diary. For unknown reasons, in the American printing of that story, his name was changed to Orville Smew and his bandit alias to Sideburns Smew.

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