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Oswald Rabbit is an anthropomorphic rabbit.


Oswald used to be a young, mischievous rabbit. Oswald was in love with banker's daughter Ortensia Whiskers (after a brief adventure with Fanny Cottontail), and often flanked with his friend Toby Bear and crossing paths with the brutish Peg-Leg Pete. At some point he met Walt Disney, who became a mentor and father figure for the orphaned rabbit-boy, and offered him a role in short films based on his daily life. However, Disney soon met Mickey Mouse, who essentially took Oswald's place in his heart. Feeling betrayed, Oswald abandoned Disney and moved to Lantzville, away from him and his "replacement" Mickey Mouse.

A few years later, bitter and world-weary, Oswald was offered a new chance at life in a world created by the sorcerer Yen Sid for 'forgotten' things and people, for things that no longer had a place in the world. Oswald (followed there by his wife Ortensia and their children) became the king of this new world, Wasteland. Still not over his grudge against Mickey Mouse, he had his new friend and fellow Wastelander, the Mad Doctor, create robotic versions of Mickey's friends — Donald, Goofy and more — to give him a taste of the life Mickey led.

When Mickey accidentally unleashed a monster known as the Shadow Blot on Wasteland, Oswald rose to the challenge and managed to imprison it; however, Ortensia, the only light left in his life (especially considering that Wasteland had been half-destroyed by the Blot's rampage), was petrified in the process. Years later, Mickey Mouse travelled to Wasteland to atone for his past mistake, and, with Oswald's help, managed to defeat the Blot once and for all, restoring Wasteland to its former glory. After meeting Mickey in person, Oswald was finally able to get over his bitterness, and even came to consider Mickey a close friend, something almost like a brother.

At some point later on, Yen Sid made it possible for Oswald and other Wastelanders to temporarily visit the real world, something that Oswald took advantage of on several occasions.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Oswald first appeared in 1927 in Trolley Trouble. Interestingly, the Walt Disney Company lost the rights to Oswald from 1928 to 2006; all media featuring Oswald produced betweent those two dates were produced by Universal, and later Walter Lantz, instead of Disney.

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Notes and ReferencesEdit

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  2. The concept was created for Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, and postponed to the cancelled Epic Mickey 3. From some appearances of Oswald in later media, it seems it is in fact still canon.
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